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ElectroMotor Offers Premium 3 Stage Motors for the Central Vacuum Market

Apr 25, 2019 11:57:04 AM / by Scott Manci

oem central vacuum motor failure

No vacuum cleaner manufacturer wants their customers frustrated by premature motor failure.


ElectroMotor now offers premium 3 stage motors for the Central Vacuum Market.

Many installed central vacuum systems demand higher performance OEM vacuum motors. That's because vacuum heads with tools are moving from being electrically driven to being air driven. Many homeowners don't want to deal with lugging central vacuum hoses from storage and with having to put them back again. This is driving interest in "Hide a Hose" systems. Each of these demands place additional loads on the central vacuum motor.

These new OEM vacuum cleaner and central vac motors offer features which improve efficiency, reliability and performance.


These OEM vacuum system motors feature 150” to 160” of sealed vacuum.

These high sealed vacuum motors are excellent in applications like:

  • “Hide a Hose” applications where the high sealed vacuum addresses fast and efficient use if the highly desired “Hide A Hose” feature
  • “Air Turbo Tools”
In both “Hide a Hose”and “Air Turbo Tool” applications these powerful high sealed vacuum motors have “Air Power To Spare”.  This is important because some of the air power is consumed to drive the “Air Turbo Tools” or to pull the “Hide a Hose” back into the wall.  

These high sealed vacuum motors also are designed with an outer conical fan that increases the overall efficiency of the motor such that in addition to “High Sealed Vacuum” the motors also offer high airwatts to further contribute in optimizing performance and cleaning effectiveness.  

Scott Manci

Written by Scott Manci

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